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Spirit of the Dog Rehabilitation Fund

Claudine Tisbury and Jane Nettleton founded Spirit of the Dog in May 2007.

Jane and Claudine have become increasingly concerned about dogs labelled aggressive due to a breakdown of communication between both dog and owner. The increasing lack of facilities has meant that some of these dogs are unnecessarily destroyed.

Please help us to help them. They deserve better from us

About Us

We are a small voluntary group made up of two qualified behaviourists with a lifetimes experience and a training club full of dog enthusiasts. Our aim, for this year, is to raise £5.000 to become a registered charity. At present we are a voluntary organisation 

Our Aspirations

The charity will be to help rehabilitate dogs that find life in today's society too stressful. These are classed as last chance dogs.
Facilities to rehabilitate these dogs are virtually none existent.
Our long-term aim is to buy land and build a rehabilitation centre where these dogs and potential new owners can be retrained to live a harmonious life together.
We will raise funds by running car boot sales, demonstrations, coffee mornings and a quiz night. Fund raising to date is over £8771 and this has been raised by holding raffles, car boot sales and donations from friends, club members and the public.
The Spirit of the Dog Rehabilitation Fund is a new venture, we will produce a newsletter the first one will be available in June. All details and achievements will be available in the first newsletter.
If you would like a copy please e-mail us at

We would be very pleased with any donations however small. If you are local to us and have any items we could sell to raise funds please call 07933792714 and speak to Mal our car boot specialist and Treasurer
Donate online via the Spirit of the Dog website or you prefer to post your donations then Please make cheques payable to Spirit of the Dog Rehabilitation Fund and mail to Karma Dog Training Linfield Cottage Lucas Lane Beaumont cum Moze Essex CO16 0AP
For more information about us visit