Kind and Gentle Methods

Blue and Mash By Gill Boot

I have always loved dogs but I did not get interested in dog training until I got a Boxer bitch in 1999. We went to one of the local clubs and I became hooked. Ellie was never easy to train and she would do her own thing much of the time. However, we did enjoy ourselves. She particularly enjoyed agility and hacking.

I noticed that my friends who owned Border Collies seemed to have an easier time training their dogs which always seemed keen to learn. So when one of my friend’s collies had puppies I got Blue. We went to our local club and Blue excelled at everything, so much so that I wanted to do more with him.

I had heard of Karma Dog Training and their training methods plus I knew Claudine, so I decided to take Blue along. In the mean time Ellie passed away. I decided to get another boxer and got Mash, a white boxer. Both dogs now go to Karma.

Both Blue and Mash are progressing really well with the Karma training methods. The training is broken down into ‘fun’ to learn stages such as the ‘send away’.

The dogs are rewarded with either food or play (I would not work for nothing!). As we spend a lot of time working one to one with either Jane or Claudine, each dog can progress at their own rate.

I am getting such a thrill out of training Blue; he is a fantastic dog and loves training. It is so rewarding watching Blue and Mash do tasks such as retrieve and scent work. There is only one problem and that is that Jane and Claudine have to train me, which is not an easy task.

So well done and thank you Claudine and Jane.

Gill Boot

March 2008