Kind and Gentle Methods

Meet the Trainers

Both Claudine Tisbury and Jane Nettleton are qualified behaviourists and have a lifetime of experience with dogs, in particular rescued dogs.

Claudine Tisbury, HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training; Qualified obedience Judge; Qualified Dog Groomer; HND in Sports Therapy; 7307 Education Certificate; D32 and D33 NVQ Assessor Award; RSA Fitness Instructor; Reiki Healer Part 1.

Claudine currently owns 3 dogs 2 of which were rescued

She has always had dogs in her life and spent many hours training her own dogs before the training school was set up. She is particularly proud of the fact that this April the youngest of her rescued dogs won third place in a Novice Class at his first exemption Obedience show. This dog was labelled as aggressive before Claudine rescued him.

She continues to enter Obedience Classes at Dog Shows with all of her dogs.

Jane Nettleton: - HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training, Kennel club certificated to judge obedience shows, qualified to steward at obedience shows; Qualified Dog Groomer; Reiki Healer Part 1.

Jane is now a three-dog family. One rescued.

Jane started training dogs in 1982 her first dog was labelled nervous aggressive the smallest in the litter and very scared when collected from a local pet shop.
She turned out to be a fantastic companion and a good obedience competition dog winning lots of prizes in working class novice and A.
From 1987 Jane assisted with the training at other clubs in the area before Karma Dog Training was formed. She has also run workshops on working with Bearded Collies for obedience.

Jane is still an avid obedience competitor and has two young dogs, one at present competing at Novice level the other is in the early stages of training.

Jane and Claudine have just taken up training their dogs to work sheep, an energetic new venture, all the dogs love it and training is going well. One man and his dog here we come!!!! (LOL).

Both Claudine and Jane work closely with the local R.S.P.C.A. on re-homing and rehabilitation. They also work with other local dog charities on the rehabilitation of dogs that are struggling with the transition from kennels into a new home.

Claudine is also involved with Waifs Re-homing Scheme, which endeavours to keep dogs in their current home until a suitable replacement home is found.